Gateway Housing Foundation (GHF)

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Maurice McIntosh

President & CEO

Darlene Stagge

Chief Operations Officer

Leroy Jackson Jr

Chief Business Development Officer

Gateway Housing Foundation (GHF) is a National 501(C)(3) Community Development  Corporation based in St. Louis, Missouri that offers affordable and market rate housing coupled with supportive services to low-moderate income individuals and households and persons with disabilities. The Community Development Corporation was founded by Minister Maurice J. McIntosh


The mission of Gateway Housing Foundation is to positively impact the lives of low income and underserved individuals and families in crisis, to strengthen and empower people (Adult men, women, children, ex-offenders, veterans, disabled and homeless) via access to:

  • affordable housing partnered with supportive services and;
  • to promote the revitalization and stabilization within neighborhoods through community engagement with individuals and families and asset building


To rebuild safe and environmentally – friendly communities with empowered people living in the community. 


We believe that before any neighborhood can be completely restored or rebuilt with brick and mortar, the residents living within the neighborhood has to be restored and rebuilt through what is known as EMPOWERMENT


The purpose of this organization is to fight neighborhood disinvestment, homelessness, poverty, and disempowerment as a social and economic burden.


In 2007 Minister Maurice McIntosh incorporated Gateway Housing Foundation (GHF) as a nonprofit Community Development Corporation (CDC) organization in what the U.S. Census Bureau labeled as a hard to develop (3rd Ward of the City of St. Louis) area due to the decaying conditions of the neighborhoods and limited resources available for individuals and families living below the poverty guidelines. The organization was founded on the basis of empowerment and self-sufficiency.

In 2009, GHF was contracted by the St. Louis Public School to provide services and programs in Clay Community Education Full Service School.  Programs such as performing arts, mentoring and character development were implemented for the students and their parents living in the surrounding area. Through these programs, GHF was able to help avoid the closing of the last elementary school in the community due to loss of families and subsequent economic conditions. 

Today, GHF operates 3 locations within the City of St. Louis in addition to the state of Mississippi and is a nationally recognized not-for-profit leader in the community. It is known for fostering stability and personal growth for low to moderate incomes families and for individuals who are at- risk youth, ex-offenders, homeless, and at risk of becoming homeless. GHF provides affordable, safe and secure housing along with a sense of community and innovative support services that include, but is not limited to, GED courses, career exploration,  job training, placement and creations, life skills, mentorship and restoration programs (Joseph & Esther), homeownership education, counseling business ownership and financial literacy.


The goal of the organization is to develop sustainable communities; one that is environmentally, economically and socially stronger by providing affordable and market rate housing coupled with supportive services and programs consisting of homeownership courses, life skills, personal and professional training, education and economic development. Gateway Housing Foundation expects to make a significant impact through the use of a comprehensive green strategy…coordinated programs and innovative delivery mechanisms…and intense resident engagement to more rapidly push community change, build community capacity and make neighborhoods places where people want to live, work and play.


We are committed to ending poverty and community disinvestment in Urban Communities and is geared tow GHF is COMMITMENTED TO: 

  • -Promoting neighborhood stabilization and revitalization;
  • -Providing safe, secure, affordable housing  for individual and families;
  • -Providing support, advocacy and referrals for community services to individuals and families that will stabilize their lives, build confidence and enable self-sufficiency; and
  • -Partner with corporate, civic, private and faith based organizations in an effort to avoid duplication of services.